• Prosperity Bag with Beaded Charm


    Want to kick off your birthday or your next adventure (new job, new school, new travels) with money in your pocket? Our Prosperity Bag with Beaded Good Luck Charm is the easy way to do it! How does it work? Take the organza bag with the charm, copper penny and follow the simple instructions on the story card to add coins with meaning to your bag. Include your wish card in the bag and keep the bag on you until after the clock strikes midnight on your birthday or the day of your fresh start. Then keep it in a place you can see it and add to it on a frequent basis. By the end of the year, you will have a lovely symbol of prosperity and a full bag of coins to keep or spend. Truly a fun gift to yourself or your loved ones.

    - Story card explaining the simple method to start off your birthday or new adventure with money in your pocket
    - Wish card to write down your main goal or desire for the year
    - Beaded Prosperity charm measures 2 1/4"
    - Large lobster claw lets you attach the charm to your purse or briefcase OR you can keep it in the Prosperity bag until you need the space for coins (it does happen)
    - Charm stones are amethyst (protection), citrine (attracts money), turquoise (positivity)
    - US Copper penny to get you started
    - Organza Bag in Robin's Egg Blue