Want a Custom Piece of Jewelry You'll Love?

We make it easy, affordable and fun to do.

Step 1:

Let us know via email at Jen@antonioandfrankie.com if you have a gift, special occasion or other need we can help you with.

Step 2:

We’ll send a simple questionnaire for you to fill out to learn about you, your needs and your style. If you have a specific outfit (your wedding dress), please send us an image and if you’ve got it, a Pinterest board. If you have a piece you would like us to match (you have a necklace you need earrings or a bracelet for), send us clear images of the piece for us to use as reference.

Step 3:

We’ll start to design your pieces. Once we’ve made a selection of designs, we will photograph them and send the images to you to look over and pick your favorite look.

Step 4:

We’ll ship your new favorite pieces to you via Priority Mail with tracking info.

Step 5:

Wear, love and enjoy!

Here are a few custom pieces we’ve designed for some of our amazing clients.


Email us at Jen@antonioandfrankie.com today. We can’t wait to meet you and design for you.