We have a vision.

No cat or dog is homeless, hungry or hurt. 

Every home is filled with the pitter patter of little feet–if they want them.

Every shelter is truly that - a place to provide care and comfort until families can be re-united or new ones forged.
We want to help our fellow fuzzy ones by donating money from sales of our Angel Charms or Jewelry to a family pet, a rescue or a shelter in need. 

How does it work? 

Your full purchase price will be donated to one of those who need a helping paw through GoFundMe, YouCaring or an Instagram post about an animal or rescue group. The only thing we keep is the shipping cost to cover that expense. (If we can figure out another, less expensive shipping option we will switch.) We will post info on the donations raised and where the funds go on Instagram or our website. Whether your purchase is made through Etsy or our direct website, we will donate the money raised to an animal in need.

Why Angels? 

We love these symbols of protection and hope as they spread their wings to provide shelter to those we love.

Charms can be clipped onto collars, purses, briefcases or anyplace with a loop to add this symbol anywhere you need it. (Please make sure NOT to use it on a collar if your pet chews on their collar or if you have a small child who could chew on it–we don’t want anyone choking on the small pieces.) 
We also have a limited number of necklace and earring sets to buy for yourself or to give as gifts.

It’s up to us to help one another - to reach out a hand in support and friendship, to lift each other up when we stumble.

Together we rise in love and hope.